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On their wedding day Michael and Catherine break down in the middle of nowhere. They walk for several kilometres when they discover an old castle. Against her better judgement Catherine is convinced by Michael to spend the night. Once she enters the castle she feels like something is watching her. What she discovers in the castle will change her life forever.


Trust Nobody


Catherine and her new groom Michael ecstatically travel to their honeymoon destination when a bad engine derails their plans.

Dramatic Issue

 Will Catherine escape the castle alive?

Controlling idea

Sometimes it’s better to trust your intuition



Rio Notra SEGAL

Arish Sirkissoon

DR Raj Singh

Sibongiseni Shezi

Khushi Parekh

Tevin Kunene

Edwin Chetty

Castle Poster NuMetro 2160 x 3000px copy.jpg

Movie Information

Directed by: Arish Sirkissoon

Running Time: 80 Minutes

Genre- Horror/ Psychological Thriller

Tagline: Trust Nobody

Executive Producer:                                                                            

Arish Sirkissoon 

Dr Raj Singh                                             

Written/Screenplay by:                                                                                         

Arish Sirkissoon

Additional Contribution by: DR Raj Singh

Produced by:                                                                                      

Arish Sirkissoon

Sinesipho Makaula

Film Type- Feature Film

Cinematography:                                                                                             Camera: Sony

Nick Bartlett      

Aspect Ratio:  3840*2160 (4k)                                                                                 


Durban, South Africa                                                                           

Language: English

Sound: Stereo/5.1 Surround Mix

Distributed: Nu Metro, Terror films, Lx Seth

Copyright: 2022

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